RCA Portable DVD Player

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Watch your favorite movies away from home with the DRC6307E portable DVD player by RCA. The built-in rechargeable battery offers a few hours of playback time - enough time to enjoy a movie or a handful of shows. It features a built-in speaker for all to enjoy a movie simultaneously and a headphone jack for peace-and-quiet watching. Use the AV outputs to connect the player to your home TV. Accessories include remote control, AC power adapter, and car power adapter.

  • DVD player with 7-inch LCD screen – wide-screen TFT LCD
  • Built-in rechargeable battery - for use anywhere
  • Built-in speaker and headphone jack
  • AV output jacks - "RCA"-type jacks for playback on TVs, even plays DVDs, CDs and JPGs
  • Includes Car power adapter and AC power adapter